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Why It’s Imperative to Lean On

I watched her grade drop by the day. Another assignment not turned in, another excuse or knowing giggle when I talked to her about it.
After two years, she and I have learned to be real with each other about parts of our stories that we had carefully guarded, building a trust that suspended the judgments that had kept secrets that needn’t be secrets. I knew what it meant when she read book after book rather than write a paper. She was going into self-preservation mode, knowing exactly what she should be doing – making her story worth the pain she’d endured for years.
Bit by bit, she has begun to climb out of the darkness of secrets, but the pit in which she has dwelt for so long is a looming one that takes immense courage, faith, and strength to escape.
“You always make me write about the things I don’t want to think about,” she would claim time and again.
“On the contrary, my dear, it is your heart that is begging you to unleash your powerful story. To move past being enslaved to it, and to victoriously share hope with someone else.”
It’s true. The stories within us will eventually reach a point of no return. A point when we know it’s not meant to eat us alive even after we’ve convinced ourselves we are worth nothing more than the false names and claims the villains in our stories have repeatedly whispered.
And writing those stories we never wanted to live takes all of the energy right out of our souls until we actually begin doing the work of getting those words out for others to hear.
Then all of the sudden, we realize how much we need to lean on others to lead others, to lead ourselves, to hope – to victory.
When she refused to even read anymore, I knew there was something more – a new painful chapter she was living on her journey out of the pit.
I waited. I prayed. I waited some more until one day she told me her new chapter of uncertainty.
And we cried together, leaning on the Truth that binds our hearts together in hope.
It was during that conversation that I knew stories like hers are exactly why I need to work harder to lean on others.
Climbing out of pits created by tragedy, evilness, and grief cannot be done alone. We are meant to lean on others, especially when we face feelings that tell us that we are burdening others too much. Because what we believe to be burdens for others, actually end up being glimmers of purpose, necessary shifts in perspective, and the stuff that genuine relationship is made of.
While she walked away feeling a bit lighter by not feeling the weight of trekking her difficult road alone, I walked away feeling all the more inspired to lean on the incredible people who are begging to walk alongside me in life rather than allowing my own burdens to weigh me down.
Living the victorious life and letting freedom happen is an intensely personal journal many miles along the way, but it will never be accomplished without tried and true friends who stick beside us, especially when we try to push them away.
So lean on.
Walk on.
Purpose on,
and start by sharing your story.

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My Newest Ministry Opportunity (And I Need Your Help!)

Passion is a good thing, but passion that God places in your heart is incredible and pretty close to unstoppable.

I’ve been experiencing that God-given passion over the last few months about a ministry that I can. not. wait. to share with you! It’s called the Women’s Empowerment Program sponsored by Convoy of Hope. You likely haven’t heard of it yet unless you read my post a few months ago where I shared briefly about it. In short, the program is set up in various impoverished areas around the world where women are continuing the unhealthy cycle of living lives that are going nowhere. They are uneducated and lacking a support system to help them break the cycle. That’s where Convoy steps in and offers them the opportunity to go through a 12-week program to teach them how to become empowered to break the cycle and become flourishing entrepreneurs in their communities.

This is where it gets even better. Yes, the women go through training to learn how to be businesswomen so that they can provide for themselves and their families, but Convoy of Hope recognizes that this is not worth much long-term if they don’t take time to empower the whole woman.

Think about that statement for a minute. Can you even imagine the impact we could have on our world if we took care to empower the whole woman? You all, this is where our culture is missing the mark in countless areas.

The world says,

“Get a good education and then you’ll be a powerful force.”

“Get healthy and then you’ll be the best you can be.”

“Achieve your dreams and you will fulfill your purpose in life.”

As Christians, we would add, “Make peace with God and He will fulfill you.”

None of those statements are wrong, but the problem takes place when we only focus on one and neglect the others. I fully believe that God will work out the details of all aspects of our life when we look to Him for our fulfillment; however, in order to be truly empowered to live the life of freedom that He intended for us, we must take great care that we are working to be empowered in all areas of our life. Being completely fulfilled and free in Christ means that we are empowered in every aspect possible.

Womens Empowerment

I have been given the incredible honor and opportunity to be a contributor for the curriculum Convoy of Hope is compiling to use in their various sites for up and coming participants who have chosen to be brave and become empowered rather than continuing down the only way of life they’ve ever known.

These past few months, I’ve been pouring all of my “writing time” into putting together a spiritual empowerment course (or Bible study for those of you who prefer that terminology) for these women who have already inspired me even though I’ve never met them. I love the fact that they are setting an example to the rest of the world on how we as women can be empowered, by carefully choosing to learn how they can be the best possible version of themselves in their spiritual and physical health as well as their professional lives.

The main theme throughout the study is finding freedom in Christ. Freedom is something we all strive to achieve, and the when we start the journey to find it, the task before us can seem daunting.

Would you like to be a part of this incredible investment? I’d love to have as many different perspectives as possible from various women. Would you share in a sentence or two something that has made you feel hopeless at one point in your life that God has since given you freedom over? Here are some examples I shared from my own life, and it would be fantastic to add yours to the list!

I’ve been in the depths of despair because I’d been betrayed by people I trusted.

I’ve been wrongly judged or treated poorly by others.

I’ve been devastated by death taking away those I love.

I’ve been stretched to my limit with the pressures of being a woman and a mother in a world that doesn’t stop when I need rest.

I’ve had to pray that God would provide the money our family needed to pay our bills and buy our groceries when it wasn’t there.

I’ve held myself back because I’ve felt unworthy and insecure to accomplish dreams.

If you have any ideas you’d like to contribute, please leave a comment or send me an email as soon as possible! The deadline for completion on this project is fast approaching, but I know it will be that much richer with your words in it!

You will hear me talk more about the study, the women, and the program in the future. I’m praying for God to do a mighty work in the lives of women in all continents and countries to find freedom in Christ so that they can be completely empowered to live life on purpose.