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Favorite Christmas Movies

This intensely deep post is brought to you because of the fun little photo a day challenge I decided to take on this December. I’ve done these kinds of things before from time to time, and I really enjoy them in small doses. Now that I check my Time Hop app every morning, I’m even more happy I’ve done the challenges in the past because nothing is more sad now to see no posts for a certain day in my life’s history. Or if I happen to have some awkward status post from my younger years come up on my Time Hop to remind me that I really was that naive, immature, or obsessed about being without a phone for a week of my life, it’s much nicer to have a fun little picture to soften the reality check. Haha!

Anyway, my post for December 2nd asks me to somehow incorporate my favorite holiday movie in a picture. I’m feeling undue stress over deciding what movie is my favorite. Which one do I pick?!? Just one movie???? I feel like I need to break it up into categories or something.

The best classic Christmas movie award goes to……………………………extended drum roll please, because I am still trying to decide what makes a classic a classic. When I move past that, I feel like I’ll be snubbing so many worthy contenders. It’s A Wonderful Life has such a powerful message.

Its a Wonderful Life

White Christmas is the one classic movie I watch without fail every Christmas season in recent years while I’m wrapping or crafting presents.

White Christmas

I’m going to make my brain hurt if I start thinking of more classic movies. Then I’ll start hyperventilating if I think about the unfriendly debates that could ensue with people who would disagree with my choice. So I’m not going to pick one.

The best romantic comedy Christmas movie award goes toWhile You Were Sleeping for many obvious reasons.

While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock is beyond adorable and relatable in this one. Is it over-the-top unbelievable? Absolutely. That’s one of the things that makes a Christmas movie so charming to me. I also distinctly remember the first time I watched this movie. It was with my mom and sister in our cozy little farm house on a snowy evening. This was one of the very first romantic comedies I watched, and it will always hold a special place in my heart whether it’s Christmastime or summertime.

The best animated Christmas movie award goes toRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


I remember watching it every year on TV and what a big deal it was when there were holiday specials on network television. Plus “missfit” (yes I spelled it this way on purpose) was my self-appointed nickname in my teenage years as a play off of my a common mispronunciation of my maiden name, Fite. (See why I spelled misfit that way? I had a reason. 🙂 ) It’s also my son’s favorite Christmas movie, so that makes me extra happy and fond of it, of course.

The best family Christmas movie award goes toElf.


Duh. It’s so quotable, and hilarious, and nearly the entire family can enjoy it, no matter their age. “I like smiling. It’s my favorite.” Don’t be a “cotton-headed ninnymuggins” and disagree with me on this one.

So I still don’t know what I’m going to pick for my favorite holiday movie picture. Oh, the stress I must endure. It is hard to be me. Perhaps you want to weigh in. What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Or maybe you want to join me and a few of my friends on taking the photo-a-day challenge. I got my prompt from A Content Housewife. If you decide to do it and share your pictures on social media, we are using the hashtag #capturingdecemberphotoaday2014

Yes, this is the first time I’ve actually used a hashtag somewhat seriously, and I know it’s excessively long, but I can’t go back and change it now. So if you’re up for the challenge, and only if you find it fun, join us!


Faves for Friday

Fridays are usually days of celebration for the general public, so I decided to get in the spirit and celebrate some of my favorite things from this week. Granted, we never know what day of the week it is around our house since my husband’s schedule is different from the rest of the world’s (24 hours on shift, 48 hours off). So maybe I’m writing this post in an attempt to get back in touch with the rest of the world’s obsession with TGIF….even though I’m actually writing this post on a Wednesday night. Or maybe I should just call these kinds of posts my “rambling posts” since that’s exactly what I’m doing. You’re welcome. Or I’m sorry. You pick whichever response you like.

  • I’m not really sure why I haven’t tried making my own frappes yet. I just haven’t. Until this week, that is. I tried this one, and it was pretty fantastic! I threw in a few chocolate chips before blending to make it more like the java chip frappe from Starbuck’s.
  • Did you see this post from Scary Mommy comparing Back to School today vs. the 1970s? I laughed out loud so much! The Internet has birthed some crazy notions in the minds of today’s parents, and I’m no exception. I’m thankful that God has given me a boy who balks at the cute, picture-perfect stuff so I’m constantly reminded to keep it simple and make it more about my kids and less about me. 😉
  • Speaking of kids, my daughter is already quite the shopper. We went to the mall to walk around this weekend, and when we let her out of her stroller to roam, she bolted to Forever 21. My heart was secretly quite proud. She was drawn in by the music because she LOVES to dance to whatever music she hears, but she stayed in because of the jewelry and shoes on display for her to adore and try on. I know the picture is blurry because she wouldn’t stand still due to all of the dancing and adoring of merchandise that needed to be done, but I kind of love this picture of her.


  • While we’re on the subject of shoes at Forever 21, these are definitely winners in my book.


  • And speaking of music to dance to, I can’t help but listen to Taylor Swift’s new single over, and over, and over again. I just can’t help it. I’m not a big fan of the twerking in the video because I think that kind of dancing is gross, but the lyrics need to be my anthem. Haters gonna hate, but I like that sick beat she’s gifted the world with. 😉
  • I read Elizabeth Esther’s book Girl at the End of the World in a day and a half this week. It’s an easy read in the sense that her writing style and the book’s length make it quick, but her accounts weren’t easy to read. I’ve been exposed to my fair share of fundamentalism taken to the extreme of legalism, so I could relate on a much less severe level with what kinds of things she has worked through to overcome it all and find freedom and a relationship with Jesus. She grew up in a cult-level fundamental group, and I was heartbroken several times for her. There was a time when I couldn’t have handled the book, but I’m at a place where I could empathize and get why she spoke so strongly at times. I’m glad she wrote it and have found myself mulling it over as I thank God for grace, freedom, and the ability He gives us to rise above our past if we let Him.
  • I’ve found myself applying this quote I came across on Pinterest several times over the last several days. So powerful. So true. LORD, help me to never forget it. (Don’t follow me on Pinterest but want to? Come join me where I spend much of my spare time.)


  • This post called “What Love Never Does” by Emily Freeman was so good!
  • Getting my son to recount the events of his day at preschool is usually more complicated than thinking up a clever simile to put here. Except right now, of course, because I can’t think of a clever simile to put here. 🙂 Anyway, he doesn’t enjoy doing it, but he does enjoy me telling him stories about my childhood on the farm. This week, he started gathering toys from around his room to stand in and role play as I tell my stories. Here’s a picture of him holding my “family.” I’m a stuffed dog, my mom is a dinosaur, my dad is a fire fighter figurine, and my sister is a Ninja Turtle.


Since he was so into that, I had him start telling me stories about his day at school using his toys as well. It’s going really well so far! I’m definitely getting more fiction than fact in his stories, but each day I catch him giving more details about what goes on in his classroom. We all win, and I love seeing what toys he picks as his characters.

  • My favorite Timehop picture of the week is from seven years ago when my man and I were on the beach of Grand Turk. We were young, carefree, and sunburned.


  • Lastly, it finally rained around here! Everything has been getting very dry and hot in recent weeks. I’m thankful that the majority of our summer was unseasonably pleasant, but after a solid week of heat advisories, it was such a blessing when God gave us a 10 minute summer shower. The kids begged to go play in it, and I couldn’t refuse the chance to get out and smell the rain in the air while they splashed together.


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A Few Fun Finds from Lately

Sometimes I go along through life doing my own thing when all of a sudden I stumble across a series of life hacks or resources that revolutionize the way I do things, at least for a while. Here are some of those things from my life lately.

1. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because somehow I just started using the digital resources available from my local library. Do you know how many eBooks are available that way?!? A ton. Anymore, most everyone has some sort of device that will allow them to take advantage of what’s available. I’m not just talking eBooks either. My library also has a ton of audiobooks and streaming videos.

I’ve added the app to my phone and my Kindle. I listen to an audiobook when I’m doing work around the house or hitting the treadmill at the gym, and I also have several books to read on my Kindle now as well.  I’ve been really wanting to try out Audible because I would actually be able to “read” a lot more if I could listen while I work, but I was disappointed to find out how pricey it is, so I’d been holding out.

Now that I have my this free resource from the library, I couldn’t be happier to be listening to a book I haven’t read since I was in high school: The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. What a moving book, and I haven’t even gotten to the difficult trials the family faced yet! Such a great read that I highly, highly, highly recommend.

There’s a time limit on how long you can keep the book, and you do have to place a hold on more popular titles, but there are times when I just can’t make it to the library when I want a new book, and this is a great option!

2. The Jesus Storybook Bible. Dash and I read every night before bed, and we had exhausted all of our Bible storybooks. We’d just finished reading and re-reading the Little Boys Bible Storybook several times, and I knew that we needed to move on to a new Bible storybook. It’s one I definitely recommend, too, by the way.

Jesus Storybook Bible

I had purchased The Jesus Storybook Bible several years ago, but it was too mature for Dash to get into. He’s at just the right stage to get really into it now. I love the way the author weaves the Bible stories together to make it a cohesive story about God’s never-ending love for us. It’s beautiful! It’s brought about several great discussions between Dash and me. Most of the accounts we’ve read in there are familiar to him, but the way in which they are presented makes them click on a deeper level.

I also find my own heart being touched as I read it aloud. We never are too old to be reminded of the depth of God’s love for us.

3. I don’t love Wal-Mart, nor do I know many people who do. I don’t know what happens to people’s brains when they enter that store, but there should seriously be a scientific study done to prove that something does happen to lower reaction levels in Wal-Mart. I rotate where I shop for groceries, and I love me some Target, so I have several different stores to compare my hypothesis with. Without fail, every single time I’m in that store, I will come close to having a shopping cart crash with at least 4 people. Then let’s throw in the multiple tests of my patience and blood pressure levels as a fellow customer completely blocks an entire aisle while painstakingly trying to decide which type of mayonnaise they should buy only to leave the aisle without any mayo at all. (Can anyone else relate to this, or am I just crazy?)

Anyway, having said all of that, Wal-Mart has finally done something that makes me excited! One of the reasons I find myself going back to Wal-Mart in spite of all of the headaches shopping there has caused me is the fact that I can price match. (I’m going to digress yet again to say that not all cashiers are created equal in maintaining a positive attitude about price matching. I’ve encountered some who have made me stand in a longer line with a wiggling toddler just so I could avoid the wrath and death glares I will receive if I enter their check out lane with a request to price match my grapes and bananas.)

Okay, okay, back to what I do like about Wal-Mart. Enter their new feature called the Savings Catcher. I was skeptical when I heard all I had to do was scan my receipt and they would do the price matching for me, but I tried it just for kicks.

Drum roll please!

It works! I have nearly four dollars in my queue, which I will be getting back in a gift card as soon as I give them the word that I want it. For those of you like me who like saving but haven’t devoted your lives to being couponing queens, this is a wonderful gift.

4. Here’s one life hack that I attempted but didn’t find as effective as Pinterest claimed it would be. In case you saw the idea of putting a wet paper towel around a beverage and sticking it in the freezer for two minutes to make it cold and wondered if it worked, don’t waste your time. Granted, I only tried it with a plastic bottle of Dr. Pepper. Perhaps a can or glass bottle would be more effective at getting chilled really fast, but plastic bottles are a bust.

5. Recently, we have been contemplating getting a small pet for Dash. All of the ones that we could agree upon were more work or required more space than we were prepared to deal with. As we walked through the Lawn & Garden department at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago, we happened to notice a small Venus fly trap plant.

This is officially the cheapest, lowest-maintenance “pet” a little boy could ask for! It cost us $10, and the only “special” thing we have to buy for it is distilled water since the plants can’t handle treated tap water. Dash gets to catch the bugs required to feed it, and it is truly fun to watch the plant trap its prey.


It’s been a fun father-son bonding thing, too. My two boys go bug hunting with a toothpick dipped in honey to catch the bugs so they are still alive to feed to the plant. I’m so happy we’ve found the perfect little addition to our family to teach some personal responsibility to our five year old!