The Guaranteed Way to Change Someone’s Life

My daughter turns one this coming week, and in preparation, she’s been practicing her walking skills quite a bit. While she definitely has a sense of adventure and determination that is all her own, one of her biggest inspirations to accomplish milestones is her big brother.

He encourages her multiple times every day, “Come on sweet baby! Follow me!”

And she does. When she takes a few steps on her own, he excitedly exclaims, “Mom! Look at what she can do!” When she falls, he claps for her and says, “Good job baby girl! Try again.”

She sees him running around, imagining that we are all superheroes or Star Wars characters, and she follows along with the biggest smile she can muster. When she gets up before him in the morning, she will stand at his door and cry because she wants to see him. Why? Because he’s one of God’s greatest gifts to her. He makes her believe she can do great things because he encourages her every day both by his words as well as the way he lives.

Taking Steps

When I saw this week’s prompt for Five Minute Friday was “encouragement,” I couldn’t resist participating! Encouragement is crucial and one of my passions. It’s one of the main reasons I have a blog. Greater than that, it’s one of the reasons we are put on this earth. My mind is boggled by how much of a difference a little encouragement can make in a person’s life. I have pursued things I would have never pursued if I hadn’t been encouraged by someone who believed in me. I have had countless days transformed from bad to good because of one uplifting conversation with someone.

Want to start a revolution? Encourage someone! Here are some of the various thoughts I had during my five minute free write on the word encouragement.


  • There are few things more powerful than encouragement in this world.
  • Encouragement is what takes someone who is ready to give up and inspires them to keep going.
  • Encouragement only works when we use it. It’s like exercise. It does no good for anyone if we think about doing it when we have time; it only works when we put forth the effort to do it.
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as sending a text that says, “Hi! I hope you have a good day.” Other times it means being there for a friend going through a fiery trial.
  • All the time it means being intentional about thinking of others. Loving others. Pushing aside our agendas, insecurities, and assumptions to make someone else realize their worth.
  • The people in this life I look up to the most, and would even consider my heroes are the ones who have taken time to prove to me that they believe in me. They don’t just think nice things about me. They don’t only say nice things about me to others. They take time to express encouragement to me. The greatest way to repay the heroes who encourage me is to pass it along to others.
  • Encouragement is one of my passions. No matter how much I try to do it, I can’t do it enough because it’s vital to everyone’s success.
  • Whose day could I make brighter by complimenting her? Whose life could I possibly change tomorrow by taking time to encourage them to push through the hard times to pursue their calling?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go change someone’s life for the better. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Guaranteed Way to Change Someone’s Life

  1. Pattyann

    I love this one today. You did a great job, and this is one of my passions too. I love how your son encourages her. If we could just all be like that a little bit more think how much better a place this would be. I couldn’t make it in my own life without those who have been there for me.

  2. Selena Campbell

    I love this post, Kelly. And I love the title of your blog, too. 🙂 Encouragement is so important. I feel, sometimes, that encouragers don’t get encouragement because we seem upbeat and are always reaching out to others. But we need a lift sometimes, too! You are right, few things are more powerful than encouragement!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting via FMF.



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