A Few Things I Learned in September

Reflection is such an important part of life. It’s how we realize what we learn through life. That’s why I got excited when I learned about Emily Freeman‘s great idea for dedicating one post at the end of the month to share what she learned. I decided to join her this month. Thanks to technology not cooperating, I lost the much longer version of the post, so here’s my abridged version (you’re welcome).

1. Assumption is a form a fear. It’s dangerous and, if left untamed, will always turn a mere thought into an uncontrollable situation. Relationships, reputations, and pretty much everything I can think of can be destroyed because we assume without actually seeking out the truth with those we’re assuming about. Don’t give place to assuming. Seek the Truth and He will set you free.

2. Prayer is mind-blowingly powerful and effective. Technically, I’ve known that for a while, but this month, I have either experienced or heard testimony to such a wide variety of answered prayers. I’ve also felt its necessity in the midst of sorrow. While the answers don’t always come in the timing or way we want them to, God WILL make Himself known when His people lift each other up.

Here’s one quick example of how God answers specific prayers that may seem insignificant or impossible to some. My mom lost the diamond pendant off a necklace my dad had given her. It held a great deal of special meaning to her and she almost always had it on. One day when she walked into her office at work, she noticed that the chain had come unclasped and was hanging on her clothes without the diamonds. She looked everywhere for it and then started praying that God would help her find it even though it would seem that it was lost forever. She had several of us praying with her about it as she continued to search for it over the next six weeks. This week as she was walking back into work from her lunch break, she noticed something in the parking lot glimmering in the sunlight. She took a couple of steps closer to it, and sure enough! There was her pendant in perfect condition. Don’t ever discount the power of prayer!

3. I have some pretty awesome friends. I already knew this one, too, but I’ve been blessed by the way they’ve proved it to me yet again in just the past few weeks. I am truly blessed!

4. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a quest for finding just the right balance in life. I struggle with it, however, and often get frustrated or discouraged when I seem to forget or not have time for things I believe important or spend too much time doing things that should be done quickly. I loved what Crystal Paine shared this week on the topic. She learned at a Dave Ramsey conference that, “we should test whether or not we have balance in our lives by viewing how much time we’ve devoted to each area of priority in our life over the course of a year — not the course of a day or week.” I hope you find freedom in this as I do!

5. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to redecorate your home. I (and by that I mean my mom did the painting while I made sure the kids didn’t “help) finally got around to painting over the green walls I’ve had since right after we moved into this house five years ago. The green seemed like a good idea at the time, but I was over it. In the process of moving furniture around for painting, we came up with a new way to arrange some of my furniture, and I was able to use several things I already had in new ways. The new gray walls combined with my new furniture arrangement makes me so happy!

6. As a newbie coffee drinker, I’ve been trying different creamers. I thought I’d love some of the extra-scrumptious-looking ones, (that means you Almond Joy creamer), but it turns out, my favorites are the simple, more classic flavors like cinnamon vanilla and pumpkin. Oh! And in case you didn’t already know, you should definitely start adding pumpkin pie spice to your coffee either before or after you brew it! Yum!

What have you learned in September?

One thought on “A Few Things I Learned in September

  1. ~Karrilee~

    Hello there! We are neighbors over at Emily’s this month!

    There are so many things I LOVE about your list but first off – LOVE love love that testimony of answered prayer! God is so amazing, right? That is just awesome!

    Assumption… yes… it can seem so innocent or justifiable and reasonable… what a great thing to learn – that it is a form of fear! Hopefully – that will be a check in my spirit the next time I find myself making one!

    Yes- that Dave Ramsey quote IS helpful because some weeks – well, some weeks I spend WAY too much time right here on the computer… but over the course of the year? Well – it’s not (quite) as bad!

    Oh and yes – Pumpkin Spice in coffee (or even just cinnamon for all those non-pumpkin lovers?) before brewing is DIVINE!



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