Today, my baby girl is officially 8 months old! Combine that with today’s Five Minute Friday prompt, and I kind of had to write a little bit about my little girl before the day is over. As much as I have enjoyed being a boy mom over the past four years, having a little girl is adding a lot of sweet and special elements to my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Here goes today’s five minute free write


She brightens every morning with her smile and single dimple.

She is the reason I now drink coffee. and every day at that.

She is the reason I make sure to use the word beautiful as many times as possible in any given day.

She is the reason I spend hours in a dimly-lit room in a rocking chair.

She is the reason I will search every last inch of the house and choose to be late rather than leave the house without a pacifier.

She is the source of joy on days that I’m feeling unhappy.

She brings warmth to our family that wasn’t here before she joined us.

She inspires and challenges me with her determination. She doesn’t give up when she wants something, and I pray she continues on that path in life.

She is the reason I take care to not berate and scrutinize my reflection in the mirror, knowing she is watching and will copy what I do.

She is the source of frustration to her brother’s new love for Lego’s.

She is making meal times fun with her desire to try everything we will let her put in her mouth. Carbs will not be your friend for forever, dear one, so enjoy that bread while you can. 😉

She has a laugh that makes strangers smile and a way of making people stop and talk to her when we’re walking out in public.

She is God’s gift to me.

5 minute friday

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  1. Stacy

    Happy 8 month birthday to your beautiful daughter! I enjoyed reading all that she means to you and being reminded of when my own daughter was that young.


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