8 Thoughts from this Week

I’m not feeling a creative vibe tonight, but I really want to write anyway, so here are some thoughts in a nice, neat list…or something like that.

1. Naps are a gift, not a right. Somewhere along the way, moms have gotten it in their heads that we are entitled to a couple of hours of me time every day. This is a myth, and I used to believe it. When it works out, praise Jesus and enjoy yourself, but getting frustrated about it only wastes your energy (Trust me, I’ve tried many times). Also, I’d like to apologize to any mom I might have invoked feelings of animosity in when I unknowingly made comments about Dash being a good sleeper when he was a baby and toddler. I now consider 30 minutes an amazing length for a baby to nap and 6 hours straight at night? Miraculous!

2. You may very well be meant to do something great, but it doesn’t mean you’re meant to do it today. We all need to dream, and dream big while we’re at it, but don’t live in the dream if right now your task is to prepare to live it. Enjoy today and its mundane, simple pleasures. Your time will come.

3. I have wonderful friends who write, say, and live out beautiful truths. I love reading posts like this one at just the right time. If you’re a mom to little ones, be sure to read Jen’s letter to her older self!!!

4. Writers and bloggers aren’t necessarily 100% the same thing. Writers can have blogs, but they don’t have to follow all of the “shoulds” that constantly change and demand more than is reasonable. I loved this post today. I’ve learned the truth behind Amy’s words the hard way, and I love the peace that comes from being true to myself without having to worry if I’m doing everything the “right” way.

5. The sun came out for a while today! We’ve had an insane amount of rain lately, and while I don’t like the flooding, I haven’t minded it all that much. Today I started feeling that “I’m over it” feeling, and God was kind enough to give us some beautiful sunshine so we could soak in Vitamin D and enjoy fresh air.

6. Purging is good for the soul. All of the rainy days have forced me to take notice of the closets that have been piling up and losing order in this humble house of ours. I’ve decided to have a garage sale next weekend as a result of all my cleaning. I’m feeling a bit crazy for doing it, but I know it will be a good thing once it’s all said and done. Now who wants to buy a high chair?

7. I hate pictures of myself. As long as I’m not seeing how I actually look, I can still pretend like I look the same way I did 5 years ago. My body embraces baby weight even when my mind abhors it, and as much as I’ve tried to find a way to consistently work out, I haven’t gotten into a groove yet. There’s a war out in this world over body image, and I feel challenged and encouraged every time I read articles like this one and the half dozen others floating around social media right now. I want to reach a place where I always work out with the motivation of being healthy so I can be a good mom for me kids, not because I’m stressed out because I haven’t reached pre-pregnancy sizes.

8. I’ve been working on being in front of the camera more lately. The above statement being made, I’ve been trying to include my picture more often in the plethora of photos I take every day of my family. Nicolette really got me to thinking about this with her Focus on Mom challenge. The thing is, my kids adore me regardless of whether or not I have make-up on or my hair fixed. We laugh together every day, and someday, when they’re older and want to look back at pictures from their childhood, I want them to see me, too. The imperfect mama who cherished this sweet, short time in their lives when they were too little to remember all of the details of what made our days happy. If you’re into sharing pictures on social media, I’ll extend the challenge to you as well! The fifteenth of every month, share your pictures of you with the hashtag #focusonmom. 

Oh, and because I’m a proud mama, here’s an adorable picture of my littles. My sister knows how to get them to smile for the camera!

Kids Water Mark



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