40 Random Facts About Me

1. I love dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is a sorry excuse for the real deal in my opinion. I will eat milk chocolate only if I’m absolutely desperate for chocolate and there is no dark chocolate around. After I’m done eating the milk chocolate, I will feel regret.

2. I have one younger sister. We each have two kids who are only a few months apart in age. It’s so much fun that way!

3. Growing up, we had a party line for our phone line. For the 98% of you who don’t know what that even is, we shared a phone line with 3 of our neighbors. If we picked up the phone to make a call and one of our neighbors was using his/her phone, we (1) could hear their entire conversation (2) had to wait for them to be done talking before we could make our phone call.

4. My favorite color is purple. Not gaudy purple, of course.

5. My first job at an actual company was at an explosives plant. Before you become alarmed, it was a company that delivered to rock quarries and construction companies. I worked in the office. It sounds a lot more exciting than it was, but it was a great summer job for me throughout the end of my high school years and half of my college years.

6. I know how to play the piano. I took lessons from 5th grade through the end of high school. I don’t have a piano at home, so I’m pretty rusty, but I do enjoy playing when I get the opportunity to on occasion.

7. I used to teach piano lessons. (See number 6.)

8. While I don’t like creepy crawly animals such as snakes, mice, and tarantulas, the animal I have the biggest phobia of is the bird. Birds and I don’t get along. I have multiple stories – like the bird that “mugged me” on the way to my car one morning.

9. I’ve never watched the movie Titanic. I also never plan to.

10. I hate movies with sad  or pointless endings (see number 9). Life has enough hard times as it is, so I choose to not spend my movie-viewing hours getting depressed. I sorely regret watching Gone with the Wind.

11. I had to look up what “ombre” meant a couple of weeks ago because I felt dumb for not knowing when everyone else online seemed to rave about it. I was delighted to learn that I am keeping up with a fashion trend without even realizing it seeing as how I haven’t gotten my hair highlighted in 3 months. Go me!

12. I hate ranch dressing. Gasp. I know, I know. How can I be American?

13. My favorite fiction author is Francine Rivers. Every woman should read Redeeming Love! I love most of her other books as well, but this one sums up Jesus’ love for us in the most compelling, non-preachy, beautiful way.

14. I have never had a passport.

15. I lived in Florida for 2 years when I went to college. It is hot there. And humid.

16. I am a big fan of camp, the church kind. I went every year as a girl from 4th grade through high school. When I was older, I went to youth camp on my own then helped out with children’s camp with my parents. In college I spent 3 months as a counselor at Camp Barakel in northern Michigan. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I usually spend our vacation going to camp. God uses camp in big ways. We all need to take a retreat from life and intentionally focus on him in an environment that church camp facilitates. It’s good stuff.

17. I used to be a high school English teacher before becoming a stay-at-home mommy. It was extremely rewarding, but I currently do not miss it.

18. I prefer being barefoot.

19. My husband is the only guy I’ve kissed.

20. I get claustrophobic when driving sometimes. I was not made for big cities with heavy traffic.

21. I was homeschooled until my senior year of high school. My mom rocked at making it a positive experience and preparing me for the real world. I’m really thankful for my education.

22. Except for my two years in Florida and one summer in Michigan, I’ve lived my entire life in Missouri.

23. I am not an indoor pet person. Dogs are fine as long as they aren’t the face-licking kind.

24. My one connection to Hollywood is a horse. My grandad was big into horses, and one of the foals that he used to own and broke for riding ended up being sold to a couple who moved to California. They sold the horse to Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and it was the horse that Jane Seymore actually rode on the show.

25. I wrote a book. You should read it!

26. If given the choice, I will always write in pencil.

27. I had an imaginary friend when I was a little girl. Her name was Lisa and she lived under the ash tree in my back yard.

28 I grew up on a small farm. It wasn’t our livelihood, but we did have some cattle. My sister and I always enjoyed taking turns naming the baby calves when they were born.

29. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.

30. I enjoy baking. It relaxes me and makes me happy to share sweet treats with others.

31. I have a sweet tooth.

32. I don’t know how to knit or crochet. I would like to learn, but someone is going to have to sit down and show me how it’s done. I tried teaching myself and it did not turn out well.

33. My number one favorite feature of a smart phone is the instant access to a camera. The rest I could live without, but I love having so many pictures of my babies to look back on.

34. My first baby is in heaven. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. God used that difficult time in my life to really draw me close to Him and to remind me that He is the giver of life. I appreciate life and my children so much more as a result of that day where I felt the fragility of my own life for the first time. He has a purpose for every single life, no matter its length!

35. I am a newbie coffee drinker. I balked at the very idea of it for the longest time, but being a mom of 2 has finally converted me. I can function much better on the days following short nights since I started drinking it. I’ve also lost several pounds. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation, but I’ll take it!

36. I don’t have full feeling in my left pinky finger from when I cut it on a piece of broken ceramic last year. I cringe when I see all of the cute, breakable soap dispensers floating around Pinterest. Just say no to Mason jar soap dispensers or any of those other fancy soap dispensers that could break and injure you or your child. It’s a loooong, painful recovery process.

37. I sing alto.

38. I have a thing for even numbers. I have to eat Skittles, M&M’s, etc. in multiples of two. My only exception to that rule is if the number is a multiple of five.

39. I do not have a gift for drawing or doodling. Never ask me to draw an animal of any kind. It will not end well.

40. I’ve never been athletic, so sports have never been a passion of mine. The one exception is watching Kansas City Chiefs football. The last few years haven’t been very enjoyable, but the days of Dick Vermeil, Priest Holmes, and Trent Green are are forever in my heart.


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  1. Bethany

    Thats hilarious! I find myself agreeing with so much of it, but what really got me was the skittles! Not only do I eat them in 2’s, but rainbow order! I don’t eat any leftovers…lol! 🙂


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