A Time for Change

If you have read any of my sporadic posts in the months that have made up this year thus far, thank you for being a true friend. 🙂 I’ve done my best to take my one little word seriously this year and really identify what needs changed and what doesn’t in my life.

It was two years ago that I felt God stirring within me a desire to start this blog. I knew it was from Him, and He has done nothing but prove to me on a very personal level that this is His space to grow me in my faith. My prayer is that along the way of me fumbling through, stretching outside my comfort zone, dreaming, feeling hopes dashed and realized, going through seasons of much writing and seasons of next to none, someone out there has been encouraged by a lesson I’ve learned as well.

While the official anniversary of my blog isn’t until September, I started the process of figuring out how to set up an official website in July of 2011. That means it’s subscription renewal time with the Internet geniuses who power up blogs and websites and give people the rights to their own domain names. I’ve been less than impressed with my current company; thus I’ve been waiting for several months for my contract to be done with them so I can switch to a more user-friendly company. I need all of the user-friendliness I can get, thank you very much.

I’ve also expressed in the past the idea of changing things up when it comes to the name of my blog. That has led to a little homework and a lot of praying, contemplating, and conversations with myself. Aren’t you glad you can’t get in my head?!? I’m going to be nice and sum up all of the results nice and concisely for you.

The purpose of this blog is to find Jesus, no matter where I am or where you are in life. He has used this place to bring me into fellowship and dependence on Him time and again. Whether I’ve been going through a hard time, a time of tremendous joy, I’ve felt wrapped up nice and snug in the bonds of community, or isolated for whatever reason, when I write in this place, I look for how He was a part of that season, day, or moment. So I’m not going to completely do away with the title because He gave it to me, and I never want to forget to look for Him in the exceptionally average parts of my life.

I’m going to change my web address it kellywesterfield.com

Why? Because this is my place to share my story that God is writing, so it kind of makes sense to attach my name to it. My tag line is “Looking for Jesus in the Exceptionally Average” because He has met me there, and I have learned to love the art of meeting Him there as well.

Since I started blogging, I wrote my first eBook, and the passions God has placed in my heart have grown. I believe that by having a website with something as simple as my name, I’m able to write about those new passions without feeling the need to make everything fit into my blog’s current title.

So I don’t know how concise that summary was, but believe me, it was way shorter than if you’d have fallen victim to an actual conversation with me about it. The new blog is not yet up and ready for visitors, but as soon as it is, I’ll definitely let you know! Thanks again for being a true friend and hearing my ramblings as I’ve tried to figure out which direction to go.

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