My Daily Dose of Exceptionally Average

It’s the peanut butter and jelly that I eat for lunch.

It’s the holes that I punch in Tupperware so we can make a home for slugs we dig up under the guttering.

It’s the Angry Bird battles I hear raging from his room. Did I mention that he’s decided every farm animal toy that we own is now one of the infamous pigs from the game? Or that he builds his own elaborate structures with every possible construction item he can find amongst his toys? Or that now Angry Birds has been taken to a new level because he uses his remote control car to knock over the towers?

It’s the way my sweet baby grasps my arm when I reach down to give her her pacifier.

It’s the conversations we have both silly, sweet, and serious about God. By the way, according to Dash, God is the one who taught him his boyish orneriness. I asked him where he learned to be so ornery and he told me quite proudly, “Um, God!”

It’s establishing routines with a three month old.

It’s cheering on a three year old for eating 6 whole bites of chicken in 45 minutes’ time. The accomplishment is mind-blowing, I know.

It’s bearing witness to slobbery smiles and sibling love.

It’s that sweet treat when both children are in their beds for at least 20 simultaneous minutes in the middle of the day and I get to sit down and watch a show with my husband only to be interrupted because the baby starts crying and then the three year old wants to make sure I haven’t forgotten he’s “suffering through” his nap/quiet time so he sighs extra loud when I walk by his door.

These are the little things that make up my exceptionally average. They seem insignificant, but they’re not. They’re each a beautiful gift, a chance to learn, an opportunity to fulfill my calling.

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3 thoughts on “My Daily Dose of Exceptionally Average

  1. Ashley Pichea

    I’m so there w/ you on the chicken bit – David REFUSES to eat chicken, so even one bite is a success!! 🙂 // P.S. Loving the peek into the extraordinary of your ordinary day!


    You are awesome. According to Max Lucado, these are little slices of heaven, little moments when God shows us the possibilities of hope. Riss put me in time out last week as we drove home. I laughed so hard, so she then responded saying, “Mommy, it’s not funny!” Then quietly, “Mommy, I’m not laughing.” Oh my. I can’t wait to spend time with my friend again!!

  3. Courtney

    Oh yes, you are right there in it – the physically demanding, self-sacrificing, messy and beautiful years of being a mama to littles. It is SO exhausting, SO wonderful, SO slow and SO fast, all at the same time. Sending you a hug, and if I could, a couple hours of babysitting 🙂


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