Get Trend Breakers for just $2.99!

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During the launch week of my eBook last month, I got an email from Crystal Paine, also known as the Money Saving Mom. Somehow she came across my eBook and took the time to purchase it and read it. I was extremely honored by this, but even more humbled that she took the time to email me an encouraging note about it.

I love Crystal’s blog because she shares so many incredible deals as well inspirational ideas for living on less. I have also grown to love it even more because the longer I’ve followed along, the more I’ve been able to see her heart and passion shine through. I feel truly blessed that she was willing to share the book with her readers.

Today through Thursday (January 17th), you can purchase the PDF version of Trend Breakers for $2.99. Go to this link to get the code! Thanks again, Crystal! You have greatly blessed me with your generosity!

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One thought on “Get Trend Breakers for just $2.99!

  1. Pamela

    What an honor to have Crystal read and comment on your book. I follow her, too, and just read one of her books. Of course i can’t imagine anyone not being touched by your book. I’m reading it for the second time!


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