Hope with a Generation

Moms worry.

We question why those sweet children of ours struggle with certain milestones. Did that cough coronate the reign of an illness in their sweet little bodies? Are we teaching them enough and in the most effective way? How about the nutrients they miss out on when they refuse to eat certain healthy foods?

Regardless of what composes the list that plagues your mommy mind, I’m confident one is there because it comes with the territory of motherhood.

One thing that has burdened my heart a great deal, especially in the last year or so, is the future world that my son and soon-to-arrive daughter will have to live in. It’s a mess out there with fewer and fewer glimpses of hope. Sin and lies are accepted as truth by the general public, and even find their way into the body of believers. The very of definition of truth is rejected.

As I’ve begun praying for our country like I never have before while pleading that God will strengthen my children to withstand the battles they will face, God has been speaking back to my heart.

Hope can come with a new generation.

He’s drawn me to one passage after the next in which one generation of God’s chosen people rejected Him, but the next embraced Him. (See 2 Kings 21-23 as just one example. Things were beyond grim with Manasseh and Amon, but God used a young king named Josiah to bring the nation to revival.)

Instead of assuming the worst for my children’s generation, I’m choosing to cling to the hope that they will choose God and change the world. Either road they have ahead of them will be difficult, and it is my responsibility to prepare them to be mighty warriors, but I am finding such comfort in accepting that the fighting for the kingdom they will have to do to see change will not be in vain. God has brought hope with a new generation many times before, and He can do it again.

Let’s pray together, mamas, for those little warriors who could very well be the chosen generation that will bring revival to our land!

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