Thankful for my Gardener

I look at my dying garden. It’s been a rough year, and I can see it by the evidence displayed in my unkempt garden. I wanted to give up on many other things, but my little patch of mangled plants is who took the beating.

Thankfully, God gave me a gardener to come along my side when I couldn’t do it anymore. I’d labored and wallowed, and when I was just done with it all, he took his weary hands, picked up the bucket, and watered the plants that still hung on to life.

When peppers and zucchini should have been blossoming, I had to let go of what really inspired me to action. Writing this message that God placed in my heart came to a standstill as I sat back and reevaluated. And questioned if I was crazy.

When harvest time came and went without fruit to show for it, my gardener continued to water. Drought had withered up even the very grass we trod to reach the garden and the watering can, but still he watered – not giving up hope that fruit could come.

And come it did. In the middle of October the beautiful pepper caught my eye. Triumphant and present because someone did not give up on tending to its roots when the soil was too dry, when I said it was time to let it go. I could have cried as I saw the evidence of my gardener-husband’s quiet love and dedication.

As I plucked it, I thanked God and I kept pushing to finish the other dream my strong, sweet gardener has been tending to. When seeds of doubt attempt to take root in the midst of the mission to finish the book, he tenderly lifts me up while uprooting the doubt.

With the end in plain sight, he wipes away the tears of fear and doubt about the unknown and says I will not fail, that I cannot give up now. And I love that gardener of mine even more because he sees the beauty in the roots God has growing when I can only see the weeds and briars.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful for my Gardener

  1. Amy

    Over here from FMF! I planted my first garden this year so I especially loved this post. I planted some carrots for the fall and I’m having such a hard time getting out there to water it as regularly. Great post!


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