Look: The Dream Lives On

Friends, I have been extra silent around here lately because I’ve been working hard. The book is almost done! (Excuse me while I do a happy dance.) I know that my friends are probably sick of hearing me make references to this book, but this thing has become a huge part of my life right now. It is what I do in my free time. It is what I think about when I’m driving or doing the dishes. It is a piece of the journey to pursuing God’s dreams for me, and when God speaks as personally and persistently about one solitary thing to me, I can no longer ignore Him.

Today when I saw the Five Minute Friday prompt, it would only make sense that my thoughts would immediately focus on the process that’s led me to this point. So thank you all very much for being patient with me as I write about something that must be getting old to those not living what I am. All I can say is, I write about what I’m experiencing, otherwise I can’t bring myself to hit publish.

Having said all of that, here’s my five minute free write. And if you’re interested in reviewing my ebook Trend Breakers: Discovering and Choosing True Friendship in a Lonely World on your blog, let me know!!! I’ll be working on the details in the next few days and would love to have you be a part of the process.



I used to sit with an old, mostly used blue notebook in the woods this time of year. I was 10. I would take that blue notebook, sit on a swinging branch and write. It wasn’t beautiful. I’ve gone back and looked at it with that adult knowing grin that realizes I had no idea what it meant to write creatively. I was so worried about getting it perfect that I would practically replicate all that I was reading so that it would be good.

I was scared to do something on my own. It seemed far too daunting to think of something by myself, so I would pull out the notebook only on the days when I felt like writing about what I read.

The dream wouldn’t die, however, and somehow, I couldn’t avoid pursuing the English degree, no matter how many times I tried. I started looking at writing as more than an assignment or something that only elite people could accomplish on their own.

Then I began teaching writing. I looked at it in an entirely new light. It was beautiful art. It was rewarding to watch the hearts of others come out on paper, and I started seeing how it was changing me. Making me braver, desiring to share my own heart on paper.

I’ve grown in my outlook of writing, and it’s taught me to follow God. To look at the dreams He’s placed in my heart and tackle them head on. I refuse to look at how challenging it is because now He inspires me. I don’t have to worry about perfection because this is how He communicates to me, and I to Him.

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5 thoughts on “Look: The Dream Lives On

  1. kirsten

    What a great post! I can relate as both a child who loved to write and a teacher of writing (although I teach to 8- and 9-year olds). Writing can be scary, but I, too, have told my students that it can change us:) Good luck with the book!


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