I’m Having a Girl!

Yesterday was a big day in our family! We got a closer look at this little life that is growing inside me. She’s been tickling my tummy for a couple of weeks now with her stretches, and consequently stealing more and more of my heart with each movement.

In my heart I believed it was a girl, yet I couldn’t quite let myself fully believe it until the ultrasound. So as the jovial technician moved his magic wand over my stomach, I did my best to not hold my breath so long that I passed out. At first, umbilical cord kept her modest, and I willed myself to breathe.

As the tech continued to reveal her beautiful little body, I stopped caring so much about the gender. I whispered prayers of thanks as he announced that each feature looked perfect, even her size just right.

Then he gave us his official opinion – she was all girl!

A girl.

Exactly what we were both hoping for in our hearts. Beautiful and dainty, already portraying a breathtaking profile – there was our daughter.

I watched her sweet little heart beat steadily, saw her open and closer her mouth, felt her kick in protest when the wand was cramping her style. Seeing her was the greatest part of my day.

Afterward, we went to buy her her first couple of outfits, and it started sinking in for both of us. The world of girls. The accessories, layers, and shoes. The sweet ploys at successfully wrapping Daddy around her finger. (He’s still not sold that it will happen to him, but being a girl, I know better.) The talks, the princess garb, the dolls and dishes, the cute little voice and extra batting of eye lashes.

At the same time, I have a new kind of mom-worry for her. It’s not easy being a girl in this world. I know that from experience, and I add so many new prayers to my list of things to intercede to God for on her behalf.

Now the preparations really begin. I can call her by name, and I stare at her picture, savoring this last glimpse I will get of her until she comes in five months or so. And I smile that much bigger each time I feel her move because I know just a little more about her.

And I look forward to sharing a list of firsts with this little darling in the months and years to come!

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