And Now I’m NOT Moving

I’m amazed by God. For real! He is SO good, and His plans are so much bigger than mine.

I posted yesterday that I was moving to a new, free blog site. I had the process halfway complete. It was a done deal. I was not turning back. Then I got a message from someone asking if I would consider letting them come alongside me and sponsor my blog hosting for a year.

I was immediately touched by this generous offer, but the next thought that entered my head was that I couldn’t possibly ask someone to do this.

Conflicting thought processes began battling in my mind.

I’m not a big-name blogger. I’ve grown to love being a small blogger, but I don’t have anything to offer that can’t be offered from a free location.

I have been sporadic in posting recently, and I was honestly starting to feel a bit lost in my purpose and drive to write.


In the days leading up to the deadline to renew my domain and hosting, I prayed that God would make it clear to me how He wanted me to proceed. I didn’t feel that either option was wrong, but in the end, I asked yet again for Him to provide in a way that was unquestionably His working if He wanted me to keep going in the same route I started.

So I sat there yesterday reading the email from this donor, realizing that He had done it again. (Just in case you didn’t hear how He worked in a miraculous way last year, you can read about it here.) Yet again, God had provided a way that was miraculously opposite the plan that I thought would work best. His plan far exceeds mine and doesn’t allow me to check out even a little bit.

The knowledge that He actually used another individual to say, “I believe in you enough to make a financial sacrifice to continue God’s work” has lit a fire in me that drives me away from what could have been a path that would allow me to be able to quietly slip into being an average girl again with no real reason to push myself out of my comfort zone.

You see, I’ve learned that accepting average is the first step down the cliff into the pit of mediocrity. I don’t want to dwell there, for God has plans to use me beyond my natural capabilities.

Is having a self-hosted blog and domain name the only way to bring glory to God? Absolutely not! I know so many of the women whose hearts I’ve grown to love through blogging don’t follow this path. I’ve come to understand that no matter how much the “experts” say that owning a website is the only way to become somebody in this gigantic blogosphere, it’s not the web address that makes it a success. Rather, it’s following God’s specific plan for each of us, being willing to listen to His leading even when it requires scaling back or pushing through scenarios that make us feel inadequate.

God has used this blog to change me. While these circumstances may seem insignificant to many, and the readers are few compared to big bloggers, His name is being glorified and my faith is being grown. I trust Him more in all areas of my life because of the ways I’ve seen Him move and provide in this place.

All glory to Him for inspiring me to find the balance of exceptionally average! I may be ordinary, but because of Him, I can be used in extraordinary ways.

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5 thoughts on “And Now I’m NOT Moving

  1. Tracey

    “I don’t want to dwell there, for God has plans to use me beyond my natural capabilities.”

    Once again God is using you to speak to my heart.

    I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you!

    Love your heart!

  2. Courtney

    Yay! What a wonderful testimony. I love this: “God has used this blog to change me.” I feel the same way about my blog – and isn’t it cool to have a God who is so tech-savvy?! Love it 🙂


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