This Blog is Moving! Update: Except not really anymore

Due to God providing in a miraculous way, I will now be keeping Exceptionally Average right here in this location. You can read on if you want to see the background, but it’s not the whole story anymore. You can read the rest of the story that explains why I’m not moving locations here. To God be the glory!

Hey Friends!

A year ago, I really felt God leading me to start this blog. I’m really grateful He did, even if I fought Him every step of the way. One of the excuses I gave Him as to why I couldn’t do it was the fact that I didn’t know how to blog – at least not the way that bloggers are supposed to. Consequently, He dropped a free beginning bloggers’ course in my lap and it came with a free year of web hosting. From there on, I couldn’t deny that He was telling me to stop with the excuses and get to work.

When I signed up for my free year of web hosting, I decided that I would take it year by year. Well, even though I didn’t officially “launch” my blog until September, I started the process of getting everything set up at the end of July, so my first year is up. I’ve been praying about how to proceed for several weeks now.

My priorities look different right now with another baby on the way and my husband’s job schedule changing. The medical bills are starting to all come in from my hand injury, surgery, and therapy, and spending money on another year of hosting a blog is just not something that I feel is a wise use of our money at this time. But I don’t want to quit altogether. This blog is my act of worship and obedience to God, and I want to continue to follow Him through each changing season of my life.

So after much prayer and talking to my husband, I’ve decided to continue on in a free location. You can now follow my pondering and meandering through life at the following address:

It’s pretty much the same as before except it now includes a “blogspot” in the middle. I’ve moved the posts from the last year over there already, and I will be tweaking it, making it cuter and more user friendly, and all of that other blogging kind of stuff over the next few days. Please pardon my progress as the new location is definitely in construction mode!

God bless you all for your kind words of encouragement along the way thus far. Another reason I don’t want to stop is the connection with some friends I would have never had otherwise as well as deeper connections with friends I already had.

See you over at the new site!

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