10 Ironic Facts About Average

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1. Average isn’t popular, yet the majority of us are average in something – otherwise average wouldn’t be average.

2. By accepting that we are average, then we can also accept that we relate to others. Wouldn’t life be so much happier if we would just accept that we are not alone in this sometimes crazy, sometimes mundane, always unpredictable journey through life?

3. The huge market for self-help and self-improvement books proves that people want to move past being average. We want to stand out in a crowd as someone who is impressive. No more blending in with the average crowd who struggles to pay the bills, find a healthy workout routine, or balance business with pleasure. It’s all about being the exception to the rule who has everything under control.

4. The quest to be anything BUT average is kind of like saying, “I want to be more than a number,” yet we find success in the average number of people we influence each day. How well is your blog doing? “Not bad. I have an average of X number of people visit it each day.” How is your church? “It’s great! We run an average of 300 people each week.” How’s business going? “It’s going well. We’re averaging 10 new customers per day.”
Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

5. To be a success, we look for top ten lists, eBooks, and blogs that tell us how to stand out in the average crowd of people doing the same thing we’re doing. To be an outstanding photographer, blogger, job candidate, you fill in the blank, do these things. The ironic fact? Thousands of people jump aboard this bandwagon and the exceptional list becomes a list of things “everyone” is doing.

6. New Years Resolutions – The average person makes them at some time. An even higher percentage than the actual average will fall back into old habits by March.

7. For a crowd who wants to stand out, we are awfully concerned with fitting in.

8. The average person is plugged into at least one form of social media. If we really want to be different, are we willing to give up Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest?

9. On average, people have an obsession with at least one hobby. Be it sports, crafting, video games, traveling, reading, collecting – you know what yours is, and you know you’re not alone in loving it.

10.Each of us is a unique individual. There is no one else exactly like you on this planet, yet we are all human beings sharing similar struggles, dreams, pet peeves, and interests with many other people. Stop fighting the facts that you are average in some categories!

While no one should be content to just exist in his or her current state, we’ve got to own up to the fact that it’s okay to be average sometimes. Just because culture encourages self-promotion with the facade of “self-improvement” does not mean that we should strive for it to the extent that we isolate ourselves.

I dare you to happily embrace the fact that you do relate to others today. It’s got to happen before you can truly become extraordinary.

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