Feelings on a Monday

As I bid Monday goodbye, I sigh a deep sigh, and I allow myself to admit the feelings that have eaten at me as the day trudged by.

I feel…

Uninspired when I want to be encouraging.
Impatient when I would rather be showing love.
Overwhelmed by the to-do list I haven’t even had to time to write down.
Lonely when I want to feel loved.
Exhausted yet unable to sleep.
Guilty over things that were never my fault.
Chubby as I reach for more candy.
Frustrated when my body refuses to accomplish what my head wants completed.
Burdened by the hardships I see those I know and love experiencing.
Relieved that I can go to bed, give it all to God, and find true rest in knowing

His mercies are new every morning. How truly great is Your faithfulness, LORD unto me! Only You can wipe out every one of those feelings and refill me with Your joy. You are the giver of my


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3 thoughts on “Feelings on a Monday

  1. Desiré

    I’m right there with you on some of those things on your list. And I am so thankful that we really can hand it over to the Lord who can handle our stresses so much better than us. I read an article yesterday that I thought was so encouraging. As Christians, we’re guilty of saying things like, “God won’t give you more than you can handle” (I think people are confusing it with that verse that says he won’t tempt us beyond what we are able…). Anyway, the truth is, he does give us more than we can handle sometimes so that we can press harder into him and the only explanation of us getting through that time or situation is him. He gets the glory and the pressure is off of us. I thought that was an encouraging perspective for those situations where I just don’t know what to do or literally can’t do anything about a stress that’s on my plate. Praying for you, friend!

  2. Sarah

    Friend, I’ve felt these feelings deeply before as well. And I’m grateful for the reminder that all comes from God and is given by God. Furthermore, I find it such comfort that every single thing happening (or not happening) in our lives has been designed by God for His glory. And in that we can rest.


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