10 Things That Have Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been keeping up on here as much lately. It’s not because of anything serious or difficult; it’s just one of those times where I’ve sensed God leading me to focus on other things.

I need to clear my head of all of the “how to maintain a blog” and “be a good writer” articles out there and just live my life. The view of social media and blogging is ever-changing, and trying to keep up with it all is overwhelming for, well, everyone I’m pretty sure.

I thought I’d check in with you sweet people who take time to read my words and fill you in a bit on the busyness of the life you don’t get to see all of the time.

1. I’ve been writing. It may not show so much on the blog, but this brain of mine rarely turns off, so I have been getting it all out so I can try to make sense of it. I also have a personal mommy blog to chronicle our family’s life. I never want to forget the beautiful, difficult, or fun memories that we make each day, so sometimes I just focus on posting there. Additionally, I’ve been trying to guest post more. I really enjoy doing that!

2. I’ve been getting a small taste of what it’s like to have two small children. Since January, I have been babysitting a darling 9 month old boy three days a week. He has been a joy to both Dash and me, but he’s also reminded me of how crazy life with an infant can be. You mothers of multiple small children, keep on fighting. I admire you so much for surviving this way of life 24/7.

3. I’ve been getting ready for Valentine’s Day. It may not have been as elaborate as I originally pictured, and I may have altogether nixed my annual (until now) Valentine’s party, but it was a sweet day with my men. I love how my valentine to the hubs turned out, but the pink lemonade cake I made for dessert last night was a bust – and it was orange instead of pink.

4. We had a snow day baby! It’s been unseasonably warm all winter, but at long last we got a taste of wintery weather complete with a couple inches of snow. That’s a decent amount for around here. (Stop laughing, northerners!) Dash and I had a blast throwing snowballs, making use of the sled, and chasing each other in the white stuff.

5. I’ve been trying my hand at resting. This article helped me a great deal in letting go of a few things. Also see numbers six through ten as to why I might be a bit more tired.

6. Dash. He has been keeping me really busy lately! I adore this son of mine, and the things he does…well I’ll give you a little taste with the rest of my list.

7. First off, he’s decided he is ready to potty train. If you’ve successfully accomplished this feat, mothers, I want you to know that you are all heroes. While it’s all going very well, it has been an experience to say the least. Take tonight when I was trying to juggle fixing dinner and taking him to the bathroom. The noodles boiled over as Dash ran out shaking his wet hands, courtesy of the toilet. Yes. My little helper had turned his potty seat over in an attempt to dump it into the big toilet, giving the entire bathroom a shower in the process.

8. He then decided to wash his hands in the big toilet. For the second time in a week.

9. This was all just minutes after he found the chap stick on my bathroom sink and took a big bite out of it.

10. After about half of the snow had melted yesterday, Dash and I had fun in what was left of the ground cover before it disappeared. I built a snow man, which may have been knocked over by my helper 5 or so times, while said helper splashed the guts out of the mud puddle by the gutter drain. We both came in covered in water and mud. Let me again stress the word covered. Oh the laundry. Hmm…laundry reminds me of another thing I’ve been up to lately, but that would put us at 11 things, and no one wants a list of “11 Things That Have Been Keeping Me Busy Lately.”

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One thought on “10 Things That Have Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

  1. Sarah

    Sounds familiar. I love your idea of having a personal mommy blog, a special place to stash all of those memories. I would have a lot of catching up to do…so I think I will “pass” on that idea 🙂
    I should take your advice and just write to get it all down and make sense of it later. It has been on my heart to write something on a larger scale at some point (book, ebook?), but I have no idea where to start, so I don’t do anything…tis the story of my life! Glad you are well and enjoying time with your little guy.


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