My Humble Valentines Efforts

I had bigger plans for Valentines Day than I actually accomplished this year. This is typical of me. Not that I’m necessarily proud of this fact, but as I go through life, I’m working on accepting me for me.

I don’t need an elaborate life full of beautifully intricate details. The key is still doing something. When I realize that I just can’t accomplish all of my plans, take a deep breath and do what I can.

I may have pinned 30 pins full of great ideas on my Valentines Pinterest board, but at the end of the day, I completed three of them. It’s not much, but that’s still 10%. And while my humanity urged me to just give up on all of it since I wouldn’t be able to get it all done, I pushed myself anyway.

If only 10% is going to get done, that 10% will be done with all of my strength. It will be completed with genuine love.

How about you? Are you a perfectionist like me who tries taking on more than is manageable? What list have you made for yourself that is eating at you today? Let me encourage you as an expert in messing up in this area. Let go of the extras and do something from your heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect or jaw-droppingly inspired, but it does need to be done with a sincere heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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