Sometimes It’s Just Not Okay to Wait

I’m in the middle of a transitional period in my life. I’ve been waiting on God for quite a while in several areas, and now that it is becoming evident that He is moving me, I’m finding that it’s not always easy.

While I am incredibly grateful for the work God is doing in my life, my humanness is still trying to get in the way. Waiting is hard, especially when there were times that everything except my age, bill due dates, and the energetic demands of my son seemed to be on hold. But I have found God in the waiting in a way I would have never comprehended Him if I were zipping along through life.

At the same time, now that it’s time to take action, I find myself trying to cling to the comforts of waiting. Some of these calls to action require me to stretch beyond my limits into a realm that intimidates and exhausts me. I just can’t do it on my own, and I know that’s how it should be. This knowledge doesn’t bring about a miraculous desire to reach beyond what I see. It makes me want to wait until tomorrow, or sometime in the distant future, to start pursuing it.

Quitter author, Jon Acuff, posed a question in one of his blog posts about soundtracks that fit our dreams. In the area of my dream of writing, the area that my feeble fingers and weak heart prefer to keep pushing off into the distant future when I’m older and wiser, I keep coming back to Mandisa’s hit song, “Waiting for Tomorrow.”

This song fits this area (and maybe a few others) of my life perfectly. Ecclesiastes drives home the point that there are seasons for everything, but when it comes to proclaiming God’s goodness, and fulfilling His plan when He gives us the green light, we have to be willing to take action.


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