An Ode to Pinterest

I have been seriously blown away by the way that Pinterest has enriched my life. I kept seeing my friend Leslie referencing it on both her blog and Facebook, and finally one day I just asked her to send me an invite so I could check it out myself.

While I participate in the other social media websites, I’ve never been as inspired by any of them as I have by the Pinterest community. This simple girl has an issue with confidence when it comes to taking creative risks, but I have been challenged to experiment in ways I would never have even dreamed possible. While I do have my Pinterest time-sucking evenings from time to time, I rarely feel that annoyed, guilty feeling that comes from reading status updates and tweets for too long because I inevitably walk away inspired to better myself, my menu, and, and, and…

I find it only fitting to share my top 10 favorite finds on Pinterest this year. It is the end of the year, after all, so why not jump on the bandwagon of list making?

Here they are in no particular order since I find it difficult to rank such a diverse list.

1. Crispy Cheddar Chicken Recipe. I hope you’ve found the blog Jamie Cooks It Up at some point in your online search for recipes. I’ve tried several of her yummy recipes and drooled over many more that I hope to try in the future.
*My personal adaptation of the recipe came out of improvising with ingredients we had on hand when I decided to try it. I use corn flake crumbs instead of Ritz. I made the sauce once, but we just aren’t a family who enjoys cream of chicken soup. I know, we’re weird. We’ve found that we enjoy it without any sauce at all with a side of mashed potatoes. Yum!

2. Barbecue Crock Pot Chicken. Everything about this recipe’s title makes me smile. Equally amazing are these characteristics: it’s SO yummy, inexpensive, and simple.

3. Cinnamon Roll Cake. Yep. It’s divine! You’ll love it if you love cinnamon rolls. Enough said.

4. Cheesy Garlic Bread. Hey, Jamie from Jamie Cooks It Up? I think you’re fabulous for making dinner time so much happier at our house this year! Thank you!

5. While finding new recipes is wonderful, I love that I’ve also become educated on other things like random facts and tips. I would have never imagined vinegar could be such an essential part of my laundry routine. Thanks to what I learned on some post on Pinterest, I’ve begun using white vinegar in place of my fabric softener. No, it does not make your clothes smell like vinegar, and yes it’s way cheaper!

6. The yarn wreaths have pretty much taken off like crazy online. Oh, and they’ve also taken off like crazy around my house! I’ve made four already, and I’m constantly eying more ideas to make cute variations. Can I just say that they make wonderful, inexpensive gifts? I personally liked this tutorial the best.

7. How adorable is this necklace?!? I know it’s not everyone’s style, but if it is yours, you’ll probably want to do a happy dance when you realize how simple it is to make one for yourself.

8. Photo coasters are a great gift for grandparents. At least, I hope the grandparents in our lives agreed since they got some for Christmas.

9. The t-shirt scarf. I would have never in a million years thought of this on my own. I had just been trying really hard to not covet cute scarves when I came across this tutorial. It took everything in me to not call everyone I know right after I made my own infinity scarf in literally two minutes. (For the record, I only called a few people and posted something about it on Facebook.)

10. Another blogger I would love to hug is Kate from The Small Things. I am pretty clueless on hair styling tips, but this girl’s video tutorials have given me some outstanding ideas along with confidence to try something new with my hair. Also, I finally learned how to put in a bobby pin properly.

So what are your favorite Pinterest finds? I would love to get more ideas from others!

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