31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the statistics on marriage. I know that you have either experienced or know multiple people who have suffered through the agony of a dissolving marriage, and if you yourself are married, you know that it’s not always easy to feel loving feelings toward your spouse.

Marriage is under serious attack by the enemy, girls! I’ve spent more than a few nights with my stomach in knots after either personally feeling the effects of my own marriage being tested or listening to yet another friend who was in agony over her marriage’s current state. If you are personally experiencing attacks on your marriage, do not allow yourself to believe the lie that you are alone.

It’s because of how serious this whole issue of marriage is that I’m excited to be a part of a movement by my good friend Ashley and 31 Days to Pray starting January 1st! I am convinced by personal experience and witnessing it in the lives of others that prayer is an insanely powerful tool that will change your life and your marriage.

The challenge is simple. Spend a few minutes each day during the month of January to pray something specific for your spouse. You can also purchase a copy of Ashley’s e-book, 31 Days to Change Your Spouse (See my affiliate disclosure policy.), to have a daily guide of what to pray for each day. Sign up at 31 Days to Pray or like 31 Days to Pray on Facebook to get involved with a group of women who can hold you accountable while they pray for their men right along with you.

What do you have to lose by praying for your spouse? Nothing but heartache, my friend! Please consider joining the movement! Let’s fight for our marriages, and start by getting on our knees.






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