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I knew it would happen. I knew from the second that I discovered your existence you would grow. I enjoyed it so much from that instant. The first time I felt you flutter within my womb, I nearly cried and laughed simultaneously. As you grew into my rib cage and kicked me with all of your tiny body’s strength, I watched in wonder.

The day of your birth arrived at last. Each contraction meant I was that much closer to finally meeting you. You had finally grown big enough to come join your dad and me in this world. That instant when I saw you first, I could not believe that something so precious had grown within me and you were here at last.

The desire for you to grow at such a rapid rate waned for me from that day on. I loved the way you were maturing with your smiles and crawling, but each new milestone meant you were growing more independent. I had to let go of one more part of you, and I felt my heart grow sad. Just a little sad, for this is part of life. Each inch and day that you grow older, you become more handsome and precious to my heart.




I want for you to grow into a handsome, independent, Godly man, but that means letting go of more of you each day. Though you will outgrow my lap before I know it, you will never outgrow my heart.

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. ~Psalm 127:3

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Grow

  1. Kim

    What wisdom you share, knowing you have to let go to let your little man grow.

    What a cutie pie! He is a most fortunate child to have you as his mom.


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