Meditation Monday – The Power

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

I learned this verse when I was a little girl and have heard it no less than a hundred times since then. Counting the number of sermons I’ve heard preached on these very words is impossible for this tired mind, yet in church yesterday I heard them afresh. I love it when God revives words from His letter to me that, because of my sinful tendencies, I’ve allowed them to be too familiar.

It’s one way I know I have the Holy Spirit living within me. He can’t let those promises stay suppressed forever. He shines light on them, gives me hope with them, uses them to convict me of sin, and transforms me with His Words. How?

Acts 1:8 explains it clear as day. I receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon me. Power. I have just begun to truly grasp that I have power. Me. The scatterbrained mama who annihilated my car’s rear view mirror when backing out of the garage. The insecure woman who can point out my faults far too quickly. I have power.

I’m still not exactly sure why God has called me to do this blog, but I do know that the second I started to wonder if maybe God was talking to me when He promised that He strengthened the weak, I began to feel Him challenge me to go for it – to completely ignore my fourteen million reasons why I couldn’t and just step into the unknown, demanding world of writing for more than myself.

The reasons will only be revealed in the future, but if it’s been for nothing else than to grow my personal walk, I’m grateful. That has already been accomplished in more ways than I would have even thought up before.

I am seeing His power in all areas of my life because of one timid step out of my comfort zone. I’m called to be a witness to that power and most importantly to Jesus, the source of the power. May you be encouraged to take hold of His power in a way you’ve been resisting. The rewards are far greater than suppressing your hope and strength.

2 thoughts on “Meditation Monday – The Power

  1. Jana

    Wow, I love this, Kelly! We have a lot in common. My garage door and the backside of my car would love to swap stories with your rearview mirror sometime. *ahem*

    I love that you’ve stepped away from your comfort zone and into the light of His calling. You have so much to share and do it so beautifully, always with an air of humility and praise for God. Thank you for sharing your heart and shining your light, my sister!

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