Meditation Monday – An Attitude of Gratitude

Focus. Such a difficult thing to maintain in life! I’ve decided that it’s humanly impossible to simultaneously focus on goals + family + purposeful living + seizing the day + finances + friends + grocery shopping + keeping a clean and organized home + what’s the in thing to do according to Pinterest + being involved in additional ministries God’s called us to + keeping up with all of the awesome blogs out there + weekly favorite TV shows + jobs + playing with our children + reading + okay I have to stop now because I’m getting stressed out! I mean really, really overwhelmed.

God’s been really stretching me lately, and it hasn’t been pleasant. I’ve heard some ugly things come pouring out of my mouth and mentally slapped myself for thoughts that are just plain self-centered. As I reflect, I’m seeing that I need to work on my attitude of gratitude. I have so much! Both material and immaterial, yet I’m not focusing on what I have. I’m focusing on where I’m lacking, both material and immaterial.

This frail, fleshy shell that houses the almighty power of the Holy Spirit is just seeing the flaws when it should be seeing what I’ve inherited, and it’s of an eternal worth. So I choose to make gratitude and God’s mercy my focus this week. I believe that in doing so, the rest of the things I need to accomplish over the next seven days will fall into place.

“Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”                                                                   ~Psalm 107:1

Don’t forget to choose your own focus verse for the week and share it with someone else!

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